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90’s Superhero Movies Ranked

August 30, 2019

Episode 38: Ranking 90's Superhero Movies. Pat & Jason binge and rank the most iconic superhero movies of the 1990's. Has the MCU ripped off their lesser loved predecessors? Diving deep into the histories and the nostalgia the guys do their best to rank the superhero movies of their youth. What deserves to be remembered and what should remain in the discount bin?

Darkman (1990) RT: 83%
Dick Tracy (1990) RT: 63%
The Rocketeer (1991) RT: 63%
The Shadow (1994) RT: 36%
The Phantom (1996) RT: 42%
Spawn (1997) RT: 18%

Hosts: Pat + Jason 
Twitter: @patandjason

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